Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


Nozzles provide sprays of various intensity and pattern as well as directing the liquid from the syringe.  At one end of the scale ‘Jet’ nozzles produce a single stream of liquid and at the other ‘Spray’ nozzles provide a fine mist.  Spray nozzles  do not come into use until the early 1900’s  and before this the finer sprays were obtained from  rose nozzles with very fine perforations  Filling the syringe through the small  perforations of the rose could be difficult  so a quick (or  fast) fill valve was sometimes provided.  With spray nozzles  a quick fill valves had to be provided, because the tiny aperture needed to produce the spray could not be used for filling the syringe. Quick fill valves for spray nozzles can be incorporated with the spray nozzle into a ‘Spray Head’, or they can be integrated into the spray nozzle. Spray heads can have interchangeable caps with different size apertures. The following provides an index to various nozzle types. Click on the text or picture for further details and more examples.     

NozzlesJetRose NozzlesJetRose

Simple rose and jet nozzles

NozzlesSpray NozzlesSpray NozzlesJetRose QFV QFV

Rose and jet nozzles with fast fill valves

NozzlesAutomatic NozzlesAutomatic

Adjustable Nozzles


Spray Heads

Automatic Nozzles

NozzlesUserAdjust NozzlesAutomatic NozzlesUserAdjust

Filters  and Other Attachments

NozzlesExtraFittings QFV

Quick fill valves

QFV QFV QFV NozzlesSwivel

Adjustable bends

NozzlesSwivel NozzlesSwivel NozzlesSwivel BensWashersStuffing NozzlesSwivel NozzlesSwivel NozzlesJetRose NozzlesUserAdjust NozzlesUserAdjust NozzlesAutomatic QFV