Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    

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This set of leather punches contains punches from 4 mm to 30 mm and can punch washer in a single go with centres 4 mm to 10 mm and external diameter from 12 mm to 30 mm .

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To cut leather with the punches place the material on the end grain of a securely held block of wood.

This Rolson Compass Cutter is readily available on Ebay for a few pounds. It comes with a number of spare cutting blades, Using this it is fairly easy to cut large washers in leather. It can be used to cut blanks for cup washers or to make washers for other purposes.

Electronic digital vernier callipers. Enables internal and external diameters to be measured accurately.

Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone (3 mm).

 Phosphoric Acid  for Cleaning Brass

I  like to remove dirt  from my syringes, but if possible try to leave the patina.  Grease and grime can usually be removed with a soak  in a soap based cleaner, followed by a gentle rub. Some syringes are too encrusted for this to work in which case I find a soak in a 1%  solution of Phosphoric acid effective. This works by dissolving the  zinc in the brass leaving  a pink tinge of  a thin exposed copper layer. Leave the syringes in the solution for as short a time as possible (say 15 to 20 minutes) and  it should the be possible to remove the dirt etc. with gentle rub (wear rubber gloves) .  The copper layer can be removed by polishing.

A soak in Coke overnight achieves a similar effect as this contains  phosphoric acid.