Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


This is a disinfectant sprayer by Cromessol Co. Ltd. The Cromessol brand name is still in use by Wallace Cameron and the disinfectant products are used at Crufts. This type of sprayer became obsolete with the introduction of  Aerosol spray cans.  

A brass oil syringe. Syringes like this and a variety of veterinary syringes are sometimes sold as garden syringes.

This is a tyre pump and not a sprayer.  This one by Webber Bros Ltd, London SE 25.  

Tinplate pump sprayer. (Q Sprayer - made in England) . Twelve inches long

This is an example of a brass stirrup pump.

This page shows examples of other types of  other equipment in my collections. It includes types of sprayers not covered by  this site, other horticultural equipment and equipment which can be mistaken for sprayers. Further examples and more details on the examples illustrated below can be found on the  Resources site (see Pictures or click here) .  Look either under the appropriate manufacturer or under  other types for unknown manufacturers.   

Hand held pneumatic sprayers, made by a number of manufacturers including Mysto (W. T.French). Dronwal, Monitor and Burmex.   

Hand pumps. Made by a number of manufacturers. This one is a  by W.T.French. Mysto

Oil or tallow syringes (top), brine syringes and calf inflators (bottom)  which can appear to be garden syringes.  


Powder Blower. This one by Dron-Wal.


Bucket Sprayers. This one by Four Oaks, but also made by other manufacturers, including Mysto.  

Flame gun. Mysto and other manufacturers.  

Weed extractor. Ernest Hill for Carters.   

Pneumatic sprayers. Mysto, Four Oaks and others.   

Knapsack sprayer. This one by Mysto.

Thought to be a pipe stopper  (drain pipe stopper),   

Enema syringe