Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


25/1/2014      Added sprayers 140 and 141 and 142

Minor changes to Abol Ltd pages re Kelly’s Directory entries 1913
            Changes to Eclipse pages following discovery of Eclipse Syringe Sprayer

Minor spelling corrections

Addition of this page.

Minor changes to fault finder

26/1/2014     Minor  change to nozzle problems

                        Manufacturers picture index uses italics to identify sprayers with boxes

                        Added Sprhao to Harris

27/1/2014     New Mysto Logo and update to W.T.French page

28/1/2014      Added sprayers 143  144 144 145 146 147

01/2/2014      Added sprayers 148 and 149

09/2/2014      Added sprayers  150 to 157 and new info on Nozzles. Split pictures from rest of site.  

15/2/2014      Added sprayer 158. New  page covering the workings of  continuous supply sprayers

18/2/2014      Added tyre pump as an example. Webber Bros Ltd.

19/2/2014      Added images from the Benns, Encyclopedia  of Hardware 1930

21/2/2014      Added sprayer  159

01/3/2014      Updated Continuous Action to allow for air pressure assisted
05/3/2014     Added sprayer 160 and 161

09/3/2014      Added  sprayers 162 to 168. Added drip guard page .

14/6/2014      Added CG Lawson. Added  page for Overseas . Added new fast fill valve.  

01/7/2014     Pictures now split by manufacturer. Full catalogue and other information available for download.  
                       Additional sprayers added

25/7/2014     Complete revision of the pictures to remove the scale line. Kept up to date with new sprayers. Sprayers of types not covered
                       by the main site have now been given numbers and pictures are included  with the manufacturer if known,  Main site now only                        has history for the manufacturers and some close ups of logos.  Resources (access via Pictures) now has the both the                        pictures and scans of  adverts etc.    Now have 214 syringe sprayers, 25 self supplying and 20 of other types (259).  

01/8/2014     General  update including additional sprayers. Carter’s treated as a Manufacturer (Retailer).  Now have 226 syringe sprayers, 29 self supplying and 24 of other types (279).

18/2/2015      General update

01/03/2015   Nozzles section revised, with new index and headings.

06/03/2015   264 Sprayers,38 Continuous, 28 Other (Total 330)

05/08/2015   Updates Home Page and Others Page. Mentions that resources site now covers all equipment in collection.

20/12/2015   New heading for History. Pesticides now given as a link not as a heading


11/06/2017  General updates