Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    

Back Quick Fill Valves - Problems

Ball Valves

The ball may need to be removed and cleaning along with the inside of the casing, or the ball can become corroded so it doesn’t make a tight fit. The balls are usually ¼ in diameter. They can be replaced with ¼ stainless steel ball bearings which are easy to obtain. The seating for the ball can also become corroded. This can be fixed using a small grinding stone (Dremel type), but only try this as a last resort and remove the minimum material necessary. Sometimes the ball is crimped into the fitting and is best cleaned in situ.

Conical Valves

The most likely problem is dirt in the valve. If the cone or the seating is damaged, fitting a washer as illustrated will help.

Nozzles - Problems

Rose nozzles may require cleaning with a pin or similar. Jet nozzles rarely have problems. Simple spray nozzles may require some dismantling for cleaning. Some incorporate tiny washers which may need replacing. Spray nozzles which have integral quick fill valves are often delicate constructions and may need more cleaning than those where the quick fill valve is separate. If the cone becomes damaged then it may not seat properly.