Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    

Back Self Supplying Sprayers - Hose and Filter/Strainer

Hose and Non Return Valve

Replacement hose can be purchased on Ebay. The filter/valve which goes on the end of the hose is often missing. I have made my own using the case from an aluminium 6 mm fuel non-return valve available on Ebay, and adapted this to be a one way valve and filter. The internal mechanism in the valve will rust so I used the case only and added a piece of nylon mesh as a filter, an 18 mm rubber washer with some perforations to hold the nylon in place and to retain the ball, and a ¼ inch stainless steel ball bearing. The two parts of the case screw together holding the nylon and washer in place. On the back stroke of the piston the ball blocks the flow (moves to right in picture) and on the push stroke it moves towards the rubber washer allowing the liquid to flow up the hose.