Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


This page contains minimal details of a number of manufacturers where the information available does not currently warrant a page of their own.  Many made mechanised sprayers.  


Collings & Wallis, 223 King Edwards Road, Birmingham  (Listed 1873 and 1878).

 Sprayers.  1935 ?

Condrup Ltd, 77/78 Fore Street, London EC2 (SUNBEAM,CONOMIST)

 Founded before 1890. Ceased trading 1980’s. Spraying equipment.

The Hart Agricultural Engineering Co Ltd, Grosvenor Street , West Birmingham

 1940’s to 1980. Acquired by Ransomes. Made spraying apparatus.

Dorman Simplex Sprayer Company, Ely (later Dorman Sprayer Company)

 Dust Gun

Dustit ?

 Sprayers. 1900 to 1935  

H Kirby & Co (WULFRUM)

Parker-Hale,Bisley Works, Whittall Street, Birmingham 4  (P-H)

 Syringes and knapsack sprayers. 1880-1936

Rapid Sprayer Co (RAPID)

Manufacturer of spraying machines . 1935

Ronald C Salt, 15 Carlton Road, Derby

 Syringes and knapsack sprayers



Smith Sprayers

 Compressed air and other sprayers



Tomlinson & Hayward

 Fly sprayers

Wood & Perkins Ltd, Birmingham  (PEERLESS)

 Spraying machines.

 Spraying machines

Thomas Green &  Son, Sheffield Ironworks, Leeds (UNIVERSAL)

Hilming Horticultural Ltd, Anglesey Road, Burton on Trent  (phone 4513)(logo green  lower case  h made into a ‘man’ with company details)

Small pneumatic sprayer with gold lacquer. Probably 1960’s and made overseas, but badged for Hilming.


 Stirrup pumps


 Tamlin’s Spray Pump (stirrup pump with air reservoir)