Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


This site covers in detail vintage garden syringe sprayers and vintage hand held self supplying sprayers. It also provides access to the pictures of all items in my collection, which includes various types of sprayers, dust applicators and flame guns, plus some items which are not sprayers, but superficially resemble them. My interest started when I bought a garden syringe at a car boot sale and found that it was extremely useful. This interest has developed as I have tried to understand how the sprayers work and how they can be restored to working order, and more recently as I have been researching the history of the manufacturers. I believe that collections such as this are crucial if an important part of British history is not to be lost and want the information to be used as widely as possible, so there are no restrictions on using any of the material except in a few clearly marked instances.

This web site has been developed to record my findings.  Most of the site is based on material in my own collection, but I have used some information from elsewhere. Where this is indicated (e.g. Grace’s Guide), do not use the information without referring to the original web site. If  by mistake I have included copyright material please let me know and I will remove it immediately.


This is very much work in progress and I am making corrections and adding more information as my research continues. Comments, including additional information would be welcome (email mike ).  This site is for information only. I do not sell sprayers and I do not give valuations, but will be happy to answer any questions if I can.  I am developing a related site on Pesticides - click for details.

Self Supplying and Continuous Action sprayers

The main sections of the site can be reached from the main menu above. Additional information is reached through hyperlinks within the text or via the search facility. Terminology has been taken from various sources, including Wikipedia,  instructions and patents. Photographs of  the 450  items in my collection (sprayers or not) , plus scans of documents are available via the  Manufacturers menu.  Full catalogues of all my sprayers and other items are available in pdf form via the ‘Extras’ menu.  

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Garden syringe sprayers

The main focus is on the British made sprayers. The main criteria are that the sprayer must have originally been intended for use in the garden or greenhouse for spraying plants in some way. The operation of the sprayer, must be as a syringe.  I do not specifically collect sprayers made outside Britain, but if I have acquired one then it will be included.

My original aim was to repair the sprayers and get them working as closely as possible to the original design, where necessary using spares from the same or a similar model and without using modern materials. My focus has shifted more to understanding the variations in design and the development. I don’t like my sprayers to be dirty, but do not attempt to remove the patina except in situation where this is necessary to remove dirt, paint etc.  Photographs of the sprayers have normally been taken immediately upon receipt and may not represent the current condition.

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The Manufacturers menu provides access to photographs of all items in my collection (sprayers or not), plus scan of literature in my possession. This includes other horticultural equipment and equipment which can be mistaken for sprayers such as tyre pumps, calf pumps (winding pumps), tallow or grease syringes, football pumps, oil syringes and pipe stoppers.    


These look very like syringe sprayers and are often advertised as such, but they work on a different principle. These sprayers could be used for many spraying tasks including spraying disinfectant  creosote and  limewash in a variety of situations not just gardens. Only those hand held types  are covered.

This site doesn’t cover in detail sprayers which incorporate a reservoir which needs to be filled by pouring in liquid. Neither does it cover in detail pumps which are not generally considered hand held (eg.  it doesn’t includes vaporisers, pneumatic sprayers which are pumped up before use or stirrup pumps). However, I do have examples of some of these sprayers in my collection and pictures and details of these can be through the Manufacturers menu.

Other Equipment